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What Are the Benefits?

  1. Identify potential hazards
  2. Reduce costs
  3. Prioritize risk
  4. Increase mission effectiveness
  5. Comply with the required standards


Draft Safety Management Systems Manual in easy to modify MS word format: Complies with all provisions of the LEA/PSAAC/IHST/HAI/ICAO/EASA/FAA standards. Key components include:

  1. Safety Policy and Objectives
  2. Safety Risk Management
  3. Safety Assurance
  4. Safety Promotion
  5. Annexes:
    • Safety Objectives
    • Hazard Reporting System
    • Risk Management Process
    • Management of Change
    • Safety Performance Monitoring and Measurement
    • Just Safety Culture
    • All Required Forms
  6. GAP Analysis
  7. PowerPoint training slides for all each of the four major components
  8. Implementation Plans for each phase:
  9. Orientation and Commitment
    • Planning and Organization
    • Safety Policy and Objective
    • Safety Risk Management
    • Safety Assurance
    • Safety Promotion
    • Final Implementation
    • Continuous Monitoring
  10. FOD Control Plan
  11. Tool Control Guidelines
  12. Implementation Team Worksheets
  13. How to write performance objectives
  14. Safety performance monitoring and measurement standards
  15. Regulations and reference material

How Does It Work?

Everything you need is packaged on a single memory stick. Simply click the SMS Implementation file and you are ready to begin.

The software comes with a user license that entitles you to install, use, and modify the software product for personal or agency use. The software product, in its entirety or as separate components, may not be distributed, shared, or used beyond the purchaser, or the agency of purchase.

Implementation is broken into 8 Phases. A simple Excel Spreadsheet directs you through each phase, and everything you need for that phase is hyperlinked in the software.

Included in each phase are PowerPoint training slides so you can provide training to your implementation team and your entire unit. You are also provided copies of any documents, and forms that are required or recommended.

Also provided is a sample SMS Manual. It’s simple, easy to understand, and easy to implement. Whether you are starting from scratch, or improving your current SMS, this has everything you need.

What Do You Have To Lose?

Nothing! If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your purchase within 7 days.

California Training Institute is a leading provider in Safety Management System services and Human Factors training worldwide.

As the Director of Training, Craig E. Geis, has been instrumental in the development and implementation of Safety Management Systems world wide. He has been an SMS instructor for the FAA, University of Southern California, HAI, and ALEA for over 20 years, and was also the SMS Course Director for the Joint Aviation Administration Training Office in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and the Gulf Center for Aviation Studies, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Organizations worldwide use SMS products developed by California Training Institute. A former military pilot, Mr. Geis has worked in aviation his entire career and can assist you with whatever your needs are.

If you have been to the annual Airborne Law Enforcement or HAI conferences and attended one of his classes you are already familiar with the work of Craig Geis. This toolkit has been developed in response to your request for a simple affordable implementation strategy.

Order Toolkit