Human Performance Training and Consulting is a leading provider of specialized human performance training to the Law Enforcement, Military, Aviation, and Government communities.

Force Encounters Analysis: Understanding Human Performance During Critical Incidents

The Force Encounters Analysis class is a practical and understandable course on Force Encounters Analysis, based on unbiased scientific evidence pertaining to officer-involved use of force (UOF). The primary goals of the program are to encourage LE professionals to apply ground-breaking concepts revealed in force science research when engaging in force encounters, and when investigating, reconstructing, recalling or otherwise analyzing a UOF incident. Concepts include reactions times, perceptual distortions, narrowed vision, language limitations, & memory gaps. Force Encounters Analysis will expand knowledge of clear-cut, scientific evidence including biomechanical & cognitive elements. The class introduces the student to how these factors impact an officer’s performance in a high-stress incident and then applies that understanding to an analysis of body-worn camera video and other video evidence. The class is ideal for front-line personnel, supervisors, training staff and management.

A Human Factors Approach to Leadership in Law Enforcement Organizations

This leadership training course focuses on understanding the scientific findings of human error in law enforcement organizations and guides the attendee through strategies to identify and address potential problems as early as possible. Human error is a complex phenomenon influenced by various causes such as stress and fatigue.  As such, it is an integral part of human activity throughout a person’s day.  Attendees will learn how to identify individual, cognitive, environmental, and organizational factors that lead to error within a law enforcement organization. Attendees will also learn how to adopt a proactive approach to error by analyzing incidents and implementing corrective measures to prevent future occurrences. The class is presented by senior law enforcement managers with significant experience in organizational change leadership.

Human Factors: Threat and Error Management

Human Performance Training and Consulting provides the latest in Human Factors: Threat & Error Management training. Our methodology is on the cutting edge of safety management practices today.

Our course content provides students with practical expertise to assess threats and to avoid or mitigate errors that lead to accidents or incidents in the workplace. Our approach centers on a key set of points that enhance teamwork in high-risk settings. These core skills are widely accepted as the most relevant to highly professional and well-trained personnel operating in high-stakes settings, where safety is critical to promoting positive outcomes. While recognizing that the operating environment will always possess risk and that there will always be a variety of contributing factors, threats and errors can be pre-empted when identified, prioritized, and managed before an adverse outcome becomes a reality.

In all environments, individual errors are inevitable due to normal human limitations. The average error rate increases dramatically when stressors such as fatigue and multi-tasking become a part of everyday operations, and when compounded with poor team dynamics, professional and cultural differences, unrealistic expectations, and other complications, job performance effectiveness decreases significantly.

Our course content builds on basic supervisory and management level skills and provides our students with the specific tools necessary to assess threat and error possibilities. Topics covered include, situational awareness, decision making, risk management, functional leadership and critical communication skills.

TEM crosses all industry boundaries and its effectiveness has been well documented. The focus is on pro-active vs reactive measures, with an attitude of vigilance rather than complacency. Creating and sustaining a safety culture is the intent and the result of Threat & Error Management training. We are committed to assisting you in taking your organization to an unsurpassed level of safety and productivity.