Doná Adolphi

This class (Force Encounters Analysis) is certainly exceptional in all aspects which are examined within the three day session. Moreover, this course is undeniably well designed from the beginning unto completion as it properly weaves the analysis of human anatomy during the application of force within the law enforcement society. More importantly, this is undoubtedly a foreign concept to most, except for an extraordinarily rare few of the qualified Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the law enforcement community.

Upon conclusion of this seminar, I decided to enroll once more in the near future purely because of the benefits it yields to the working officer. The subject matter is quite complex; accordingly, comprehending the conceptual foundation allows for a much improved lifesaving assessment attained by the officer in the peak critical decision making processes.

More importantly, I would highly endorse this course to every officer currently operating within the law enforcement arena, especially if the tenure is comparatively young and inexperienced.

This course brilliantly unlocks the hidden world of human anatomy with reference to the biological, perceptual and cognitive factors coupled with its direct correspondence with the officer’s performance during critical incidents.