Javier Gutierrez

I attended the Human Factors in Safety Management System (SMS) Analysis course at HAI delivered by Craig E. Geis, LTC, US Army, ret.  The course was excellent.  I should have taken this class a while ago.  I am currently an SP in my organization, and this course will continue to pay dividends for progressions to come.  Additionally, there were maintainers and safety personnel there, who took away more than expected from the course.
The course looked in depth on the human factors aspects of errors in aviation and ground accidents.  Mr. Geis also gave examples to remedy culture, training, and mental preparedness so as to prepare for anticipated high-stress situations.
From an Army perspective, he built upon the rote memorization, and gave it a better understanding and meaning of human error.  He included recent examples of civilian and military accidents to show how to analyze the crews’ response, not to armchair quarterback, but to provide lessons learned into accident prevention.
Mr. Geis will break down the components of the brain and how it all works, so we can better understand its effects on us during extreme stress.  He will show how the most advanced aviators (10,000-hour guys) make catastrophic mistakes under extremely stressful situations based on human brain functions, not skill.
He will show your instructors how to change their teaching techniques so as to prepare ground and aviators alike for high-stress situations.
This is a great training opportunity, and I am also guiding my command into an on-site seminar for our organization.
Highly recommend this class.  It will include all aspects of aviation and ground operations.  Make sure you include 1st responders at your organization.