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Understanding human performance during critical incidents is crucial to modern day professional law enforcement, and to supporting our law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect the public.

Sgt. Mike GrahamSanta Monica PD, CA

Invaluable information, both professionally and personally!  All OIS teams need to attend this course to be better prepared to conduct a better investigation.

Lt. Juan DiazButte County D.A.s Office, CA

This course (Force Encounters Analysis) should be mandatory for all admin and trainers.  POST needs to advertise and better explain what this course covers.  No one should have to go without.

Lt. Jason WinesButte County D.A, CA

I love to learn the science behind the actions and thoughts that I considered to be  'common sense' or 'normal.'

Officer Jennifer ChanceAtascadero State Hospital, Dept. of Police Services, CA

A great class that explains human actions during critical situations.  It takes you inside the human brain, and find answers to many questions that arise after  critical incidents.

Officer Lana KetchamDept. of State Hospitals, Atascadero, CA

Best class I ever attended.  It made behavior we've all seen for years make sense.

Jennifer GlimpD.A. InvestigatorSanta Barbara DA's Office, CA

We seem to think that as police officers, that stress, lack of sleep and fatigue won't have a significant effect on our ability to do our jobs.  This class brought it all back into perspective for me.  We are not super human, we are fallible and need to take care of ourselves and each other!

Sgt. Doug BrownBurbank PD, CA

Class is well planned out and delivered.  On preparation:  If you download the 'what ifs' you will not be buffering when the situation develops.

Officer Michael GligorijevicPasadena PD, CA

FORCE ENCOUNTERS ANALYSIS is THE most beneficial training that can be applied to everyday police work.

Officer Sean DawkinsPasadena PD, CA

This course material will follow me throughout my career.  Thank you Craig!

Sgt. John HopwoodAtascadero State Hospital, Dept. of Police