Tyrus Moulder

The training I received in CTI’s Human Factors: Threat and Error Management, and  Force Encounters Analysis courses  have significantly enhanced the use of force and firearms training that I provide to my fellow officers.  Anyone involved in teaching officer survival skills, analyzing use of force incidents, and/or designing use of force policies should attend this training.  Thank you for the work you are doing to provide this information to our LE community.  As a community, police trainers need to be intimately familiar with the concepts and scientifically validated research presented here.  It is not enough to use terms like tunnel vision and increased heart rate, without knowing what is actually happening and why.  CTI presents the science in a way that facilitates comprehension without excessive simplification.  This is training that I can take back to my agency and immediately put into action.  These courses have also provided me with a direction to take for my personal study and research into the critical task of training our officers to not only survive, but also to prevail in a life-or-death encounter.